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Recent Event – Workshop with Sudhir Tiwari


YOGA: Fundamentals in theory and practice of classical yoga asana and pranayama.


Thanks to everyone who came along to the workshop.  It was a truly wonderful and inspiring weekend - thanks to Sudhir and all of you!

We look forward to welcoming Sudhir back to Cairns next year.

Namaste, A xx


Saturday 22nd Feb & Sunday 23rd Feb, Tanks Arts Centre, Edge Hill

A workshop with visiting guest teacher, Sudhir Tiwari, who grew up in Kaivalyadhama Yoga Institute, one of India’s oldest yogic institutes using modern science to study yogic practices.


This special event offers a great introduction to the fundamentals of classical yoga and presents a wonderful chance to deepen your understanding and experience of yogic practices.


Open to students from all styles of yoga, and all levels of experience, beginners most welcome.


Workshop Daily Schedule:


6am - 6:45am  :  Fire Ceremony

7am - 9am  :  Asana & Pranayama

10:30am - 12:30pm  :   Chanting & QA

1pm - 3pm  :   Talk & Meditation



Tank 3, Tanks Arts Centre, Edge Hill



Full weekend (Sat & Sun) $180

One day workshop (Sat only) $95

Bookings Essential:
Contact Alison Ritchie 0407 092 967
Online Payment
via Paypal or EFT
Online Payment

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) - no fees


Weekend Workshop =$180

Day 1 Workshop=$95


Account Name: Soul Train Yoga

Account Number: 265877  

BSB: 033 072

IMPORTANT: Please use your name as a reference


Paypal - with additional fees


Weekend Workshop

Sat 22nd Feb  & Sun 23rd Feb 2014

$180 + Paypal Fees @2.5%=$184.50


Day 1 Workshop

Saturday 22nd Feb 2014 only

$95 + Paypal Fees @2.5%=  $97.35

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About the workshop:

Opening each day with a traditional fire ceremony at dawn this workshop is a unique opportunity to gain an understanding of the theory, practice and essence of classical yoga (Asana and Pranayama), with Sudhir Tiwari. The morning session will be a practical class of Asana and Pranayama, followed by a break and return for the afternoon sessions which will include chanting, meditation and a Q&A/ discussion.


Sudhir presents the fundamentals of classical yoga, in both theory and practice. This workshop is open to students from all backgrounds of yoga, as it will reveal the true message and integrity of classical yoga as it has been passed down. Sudhir is a captivating speaker, presenting ancient teachings with modern relevance, and delivering entertaining stories with wit and charm of life growing up amongst some of the greatest yogis of our time.

About Sudhir:

Brought up amidst a rich traditional yogic heritage in Lonavla, India, around the influence of masters, Sudhir learned Yoga and Ayurveda directly from his teacher Swami Digambarji and his father Sri Om Prakash Tiwari.


Sudhir went on to complete an engineering degree in India, and finished his MBA in the USA,  before working as a senior executive within the health and wellness industry.


Now living with his family in Canada, Sudhir has since given up the corporate world and dedicates his life to teaching yoga via Kaivalyadham International Canada. Like his Father Sri O. P. Tiwari, Sudhir’s skills have taken him around the world teaching the art & philosophy of Yoga and Ayurveda.


Sudhir has taught to yoga teachers and students alike, travelling to France, Spain, China, Thailand, United States and all over Canada presenting yoga seminars. Sudhir uses his background experience and specialty knowledge to promote yoga and wellness to every corner of the world.  Soul Train Yoga and Light Source Yoga in Cairns are delighted and honoured to be hosting Sudhir on his visit to Cairns.


About Kaivalyadhama Yoga Insitute, Lonavla, India:

Since 1924 Kaivalyadhama Yoga Institute ( has been using modern science to research and study the effects of practice. Swami Kuvalyanada set up the Institute in 1924 and now steeped in tradition, the Institute continues as a scientific research centre today, using modern science to study the effects of yoga practice, while endeavoring to keep the true message of yoga alive.


A rare and authentic yoga practice,  specialised at Kaivalyadhama Yoga Institute, is the art of yoga breathing known as Pranayama. Using different breathing techniques, under the guidance of an experienced teacher,  students and teachers achieve spiritual well being, as well as a experiencing the therapeutic effects of Pranayama on health. It is the most calming practice of yoga and studies by the Kaivalyadhama Institute have shown it to relieve anxiety, blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes, researched by Dean Ornish and other Institutes affiliated to the government of India.


Further Information:

Contact Alison Ritchie on 0407 092 967 or Paul Chambers on 0414 239 949


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