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Soul Train Yoga - Retreat with Alison
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Soul Train Yoga - Retreats with Alison

Our busy lives often leave little time for reflection on what we want from life, what our priorities are, how we relate to ourselves and others.  We are constantly bombarded with thoughts, roles, responsibilities, daily challenges and distractions.  Quite often we are living by blind habit, reacting the way we have always reacted and doing things the way we've always done, going through life with half of our attention on the past or future or our own mental chatter.

It is only when we silence the blaring sounds of our daily existence that we can finally hear the whispers of truth that life reveals to us, as it stands, knocking on the doorsteps of our hearts.  K T Jong

Back to Basics... Cultivate Mindfulness... Simply Be...

Retreat provides a nurturing and healing environment, time to stop, reset, take stock, provide space to connect with your true nature and experience the joy of just being alive.  You have an opportunity to have a complete break from your daily responsibilities, to listen and simply be, to get back to nature, to get back to basics, without having to be something for somebody else.

Removed from your normal pressures and responsibilities, this is an ideal time to reflect and heal, a chance to break old habits and create empowering new ones with the support of like-minded people around you.  Retreat gives you a chance to cultivate mindfulness; the focused awareness of the present moment.  Mindfulness lets us be fully conscious of a simple sensation like the warmth of sunlight, or the complex interplay between our thoughts and feelings.

When you have a break of this nature the effects usually last long after the retreat is over.  Many people make new an positive choices and life direction changes which have a profound influence on their lives.

Your mind, body and soul will be shining from the inside out!

Reflect... Renew... Relax...

Arrive on Friday afternoon to Julatten Mountain Retreat & Spa, a place of peace and tranquility set amoungst tropical rainforest in the Port Douglas Hinterlands.  Stay 3 nights in an eco-cabin, get back to nature and enjoy the beautiful lush surroundings of Far North Queensland.  Fall asleep with the myriad of stars and waken up as the sun comes up.

Soul Train Yoga's Radiant Soul Retreat is a transformational yoga program, an exceptional experience to explore complete cellular nutrition for your mind, body and soul.

The focus of this program will be nurturing yourself and taking time out to reflect, renew and relax.  The program is centered around the twice daily yoga practice, and will include meditation and breathing techniques, some silent practice, a nutrition talk from an experienced Naturopath, philosophy discussions and chanting.  There will also be free time to explore the surroundings, take advantage of the healing spa treatments or simply relax by the pool.

The combination of yoga, meditation and "slowing down" allows you to reach more meaningful states of awareness.  With awareness of self comes increased self confidence, peace and clarity of mind, helping to provide answers and directions you need.  Group energy enhances the enjoyment and nourishment received and experienced on this special retreat.  Simply connecting with other like-minded souls can offer guidance and encouragement for your journey which is a powerful inspiration in itself.

Sample Retreat Timetable:
4:00pm      Welcome & Introductions
4:30pm      Restorative Yoga Session
5:30pm      Free time before dinner
6:00pm      Dinner
7:00pm      Tea & Discussion
7:30pm      Chanting
8:30pm      Trataka (Candle Gazing)/Yoga Nidra

6:15am      Morning Reading
6:30am      Sunrise Invigorating Yoga Session
8:30am      Breakfast
9:30am      Free time/ Group walk
12:00pm    Lunch
1:00pm      Free time
2:30pm      Philosophy 1
3:30pm      Restorative Yoga & Sitting Practices
4:30pm      Nutrition Talk & Discussion
6:00pm      Dinner
7:30pm     Tea & Movie

6:15am      Morning Reading
6:30am      Sunrise Invigorating Yoga Session
8:30am      Breakfast
9:30am      Free time/ Group walk
10:30am    Group Activity in silence
12:00pm    Silent lunch & Silent Walking Meditation
1:30pm      Silence Broken
2:00pm      Group reflection after silence (optional)
2:30pm      Free time
3:30pm      Philosophy 2
4:30pm      Resorative Yoga & Sitting Practices
6:00pm      Dinner
7:30pm      Tea & Discussion
8:00pm      Chanting
8:30pm      Yoga Nidra

6:15am       Morning Reading
6:30am       Sunrise Invigorating Yoga Session
8:30am       Breakfast
9:30am       Free time/Group walk
10:30am     Group sitting practice & Close
12:00pm     Lunch



Please email Alison to be added to the Retreat Noficiation List


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